Leading Angel's Colosseum





Thornapple Cuba Blue



Ch Thornapple Code Red

Ch Merribrooks Pickup Man 

Ch Heatherhill Montel Williams

Ch Windogos Sweet Success

Thornapple Lizzie McGuire

Thornapples Red Knuckles DNA-CP

Thornapple U Better Kiss Me

Thornapple Oceans of Diamonds

Ch Ragtime Set In Stone

Ch Heatherhill My Waterloo DNA-CP

Ch Merribrooks Put'in On the Ritz

Thornapples White Diamonds

Propwash Hey Jude

Thornapples Scarlett O'Hara

Ch. Thornapple Up the Ante



Ch Thornapple Afthershock

Ch Thornapple Ragtime Light it Up

Ch. Ragtimes Kamakazzi

Ch. Ragtimes Gingerbred Lonesome Me

Ch Thornapple Silken Flame

Ch Bluestems Man-O-Firethorne DNA-CP

Ch. Thornapple Goddes of the Hunt

Ch Thornapple Russian to A Party

Ch Moonstrucks Youre so Vain

Ch My Main Man of Heatherhill

Ch Moonstrucks Hard to be Handle

Cork-Kerrys Sweet Vidallia

Ch Thornapple Diamonds and Spurs

Thornapple U Gotta Make me Cry


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